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This was our very first Carry Cat 670 (Build late 2014), she performed so well that we decided to upgrade her to the Carry Cat 670 Sport, which basically provided a larger cabin, higher gunnels, deeper hulls, more luxury seating and overhaul an improvement in many ways! See below our new vessel specs! We sadly sold the JANA I early in 2018, with many many good memories. We caught a variety of fish species with many happy fisherman faces!


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  • Our brand new 2018 build Carry Cat 6.70 sport.
  • She is 6.7 meters long and 2.6 meter in breadth.
  • Powered with Two “Brand New 2018 Model” 2 x 100hp Suzuki’s, capable of pushing her up to 36 knots (67km/h)!
  • The hull is designed for a soft, stable and dry sea experience, capable of handling large swells, even for beach/surf launching!
  • She is kitted out with a state of the art Garmin Electronic Network, consisting of two GPS MAP (Chart) Plotters, Echo Sounder (with a through hull transducer), RADAR, Auto Pilot, etc and many many more!
  • She is fitted with upholstered/padded seats and gunnels to give all passengers the ultimate luxury!
  • For additional safety, a Handheld Satellite EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Beacon) is kept on the skipper at all times, this is a floatable/waterproof device that if activated provide the nearest MRCC (Maritime Rescue Coordinating Centre) an accurate GPS position and consequently alert rescue services that will send the local NSRI (National Sea Rescue Institute) rescue boat nearest to you, straight to you!
  • We also carry an independent, battery operated, portable GPS Map unit for worst-case scenario, should we in the unlikely event loose all electronics, the skipper can still bring you safely home!
  • Stay at Canterbury Boat Charters don’t take shortcuts when it comes to SAFETY!
  • Our vessel is annually surveyed directly by SAMSA (SA Maritime Safety Authority) as a commercially chartered vessel to ensure she complies with all the latest safety requirements.
  • Skippered by one of our 3 Qualified, Experienced skippers.
  • All bookings are strictly confirmed by a one to two days’ notice, to ensure weather/sea conditions are ideal for a pleasurable trip!




We highly support sustainability and environmental protection, therefore we recommend and support catch and release. We have a waterproof “GoPro” (Sony Version) Water Proof Video Camera that we take good quality pictures and videos, even underwater! Certain species we will not hesitate to offer to our guests to take home for own consumption/dinner, this will be agreed on request.

1 – Walkerbay Sundowner – R550 p/p (Min 4 / Max 6 passengers)

Enjoy a snack and drink of your choice with a beautiful sunset over the ocean! Unfortunately, at a certain time of the year, half of our bay will be closed / restricted due to the whales coming to give birth to their young. These will be advised upon booking / request. 

TRIP DURATION         1.5hrs

2 – Walkerbay Sightseeing – R650 p/p (Min 4 / Max 6 passengers)

Gentle boat cruise along the coast and back mid-bay, viewing what the ocean has to offer! 

Common sightings will include, but not limited to Penguins, Seals, Whales, Dolphins, various bird species, etc.

TRIP DURATION         2.0 hrs

3 – Walkerbay Fishing – R800 p/p (Min 4 / Max 5 passengers)

Over the years of fishing experience gained in our bay and surroundings, various “hotspots” for reef fishing was discovered and marked, we will take you to these and give you the best local reef fishing experience you’ll never forget! 

Common fish species (Known Local Name) Red Roman, Red Stumpnose, White Stumpnose, Silver Fish, Panga, Hotentotsfish, Makriel, Snoek (Seasonal), Squid (Calamari), etc just to mention a few!

TRIP DURATION         6.0 hrs  

4 – Walkerbay Cray Fishing (West Coast Rock Lobster) – R800 p/p (Min 4 / Max 6 passengers)

Catching Cray Fish is allowed only seasonal, usually, at the end of the year, several days or weeks will be allocated as catching days. We have strict bag limits and a license to be purchased. When you have legally caught your 4 Cray Fish (per person, per license), you are not allowed to sell them, strictly only for own consumption with family or friends.

We offer our vessel with skipper and crew for any person that would like to experience the traditional way of catching crayfish. We use our own nets & equipment.  

With this charter, only persons with a valid license, taking part in the physical catching of the crayfish are allowed to take their catch (of a maximum bag limit of 4 WCRL) home to cook and enjoy! We will supply the nets, bait, gear, etc. To ensure an enjoyable experience and a well-deserved meal when you return home with your catch!!

TRIP DURATION         4.0 hrs

5 – Offshore Game Fishing – R3,300 p/p (Min 4 / Max 4 passengers)

This is mostly seasonal, targeting the famous Yellowfin Tuna. It is a full day trip, over 40NM’s (about 74km’s) offshore.

If out of season, trips can still be done and the occasional different species can be caught e.g. Yellow Tail, Katonkel (Skipjack), the Baracuda (rarely though), etc just to mention a few!

TRIP DURATION         10 hrs

6 – Fishing at Struisbaai – R1800 p/p (Min 4 / Max 4 passengers)

Struisbaai have a large variety of fish to offer, common fish Yellow Tail (Seasonal), reef fish – Red Roman, Red Stumpnose, White Stumpnos, Silver Fish, Panga, Hotnotsfish, Makriel, Snoek (Seasonal), Squid (Calamari), Red Steenbras, etc just to mention a few!

TRIP DURATION         6.0 hrs 

7 – Fishing at Any Other Place, other than Hermanus 

– Minimum TBA;   R TBA p/p (Max TBA passengers)

This is subject to agreement by Skipper / Owner, due to the distance to travel / towing to other launching sites. 

Few Options is as follows: Cape Point, Gordons Bay, Houtbay, Gansbaai, Kleinmond, etc.




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